Hi folks,
So as you may have seen on my other forms of social media,  two nights ago I had a dream. Normally when I dream I forget the dream almost instantly upon waking up. Not this one, this has stuck in my head for days now.
The dream itself had me standing in a dark room with a rope around my neck, I could tell it was a rope by the feel of it. Everytime I cut the rope free from my neck it would wrap itself around my neck again squeezing. I would cut it again, get a breath in, then it would wrap around my neck again. 
I know the dream is supposed to represent depression.  But for the past few days I’ve begun to question things. Was this my mind saying it’s pointless to keep fighting?  Which the male voices (hallucinations) have been bombarding me with talk to give up. 
Its been a real struggle for me to try to ignore this. I’ve never dreamt anything that was relevant in my life. Usually weird things that make no sense. 
I don’t know why I’m so stuck on this…