Hi Guys,
I just wanted to share my experience at The Floatation Center . My parents this year gifted me a Float. So, what is a float? Well, easiest way to explain it is… You remove all your senses, touch, taste, sight, sound. You find yourself in a new complete feeling of relaxation with nothing for your mind to distract you with. As you lay there you experience the most intense feeling of relaxation.

 I even managed to have a flare up of my chronic pain while floating and in minutes it was gone because I couldn’t tense up like I normally would. By the time my float was over I found myself in a glow. Unable to find the words to describe what I had experienced.

Even now hours later i am still super relaxed. Another thing I noticed post float is my normal anxiety I would have being around strangers was gone. I was able to have conversations with complete strangers, something I don’t do because of my mental illness. 

The staff, Palmer, who was my host was amazing, ensuring I had everything I needed and that my questions or concerns were resolved before the float. 

If you’re interested in booking or looking into floating yourself, check them out at http://thefloatationcentre.ca

I HIGHLY recommend it!