Hi Friends,

I’m sure you’ve been wondering how I’m doing. Well, it’s complicated.  I’m stuck in the vicious depression cycle,  combined with a new psychotic episodes (what I’m calling them). Moments where I’m a passenger in my body for a period of time. The first two were self harm . The most recent,  well let’s not go there. I exhibited dangerous behavior going off my meds cold turkey,  and that messed me up pretty good with the side effects.


Well, when you’re walking that dark hallway, you’ll bump into a few walls, stubble and fall down. Each day has it’s ups, downs. I’ve been unable to be alone,  having only spent one night in my own bed since Christmas.  The demons come out at night and I’m better safe then sorry.

I appreciate everyone checking my Facebook page looking for updates.  It helps greatly to have so many caring people around me.

I will try to update you again soon,

Best wishes,