Greetings One And All,

I Know I Said I’d Do This As A Youtube Entry But I Cant Seem To Get Enough Sunlight In The Apartment… So This Was Plan B.

Before I Get Into The Days Events In Detail. This May Disturb Some People Who May Have Also Gone Through Simular Events In There Lives, So If Your Easily Disturbed. Please stop reading. I Am About To Talk About My Car Accident From 6 Years Ago That Even To This Day still bothers me.

People offen say that tramatic events in your live will change you as a person and i would have to agree. i am not the came person i was back after college graduation. I have learned that life change change in an instant. we have no control over these events, there isn’t any warnings. nothing to say, prepare for today. So you really just need to try to  live life to the fullest.

The Day began like every other day. i got up. got ready for work. jumped in my car (which at that time was a Dark Green, Ford Escort Zx2 Sport Coupe, and Dark Tinted Windows). And Left For Work. The Difference That Day Was I was to be picking up a good friend of mine and driving her to work with me. which was out of my normal travel. but we do things for friends. we met at this job and to this day i consider her a close friend. On My way to picking her up. i stopped into CD Plus in the bridgewater mall, I picked up the new blink 182 cd. i proceeded to  wendys for lunch and ate it in the car pool parking lot on exit 13. I began Listening to the cd on repeat on a song called “i miss you” , which up until last year i couldn’t listen to that song without flashbacks of this day. After Finishing The meal i proceeded to continue on my way to my friends house in greenfield. anyone from around the bridgewater area would know the road i had the accident on. windy road with a speed limit from 70km/h upwards of 110km/h in some spots. or it used to be, haven’t been on that road in years so the limits my have been reduced. I had never driven this road in this direction prior to this day.


The time was 11:38am. I reached a section of the road which limit was 110km/h.  Nothing To Windy At This Point, I Proceed to a Corner which didnt have any signage to slow down. I began making the turn , only to hear a loud cracking sound. the next thing i knew my car began to fishtail. i attempted to counter steer but the shoulder was a gravel shoulder and was very steep. one tire went off the shoulder and the whole car was sucked into the ditch, which i can’t really call a ditch because it was woods. trees and rocks and (although i didn’t know it right way, water) . The Car Then Began Barrel rolling, i think i must have rolled at least 8 times. not completely sure the number because i seemed to be in and out of consciousness. i do recall looking out the windshield of the car to see a tree stump Breaking the windshield. didn’t shatter it. just cracked it.


When the car finally came to a stop. i undid my seat belt. not sure of my surroundings. when i did i fell into water which was seeping into the car. i apparently ended up in wet mud. i didn’t realise untill after the seatbelt was undone that i was on my right side of the car. when the seatbelt was undone i fell into the water in the passenger seat. i then stood up.rolled the drivers side window down. and proceeded to crawl out of the window. i didnt quite get out of the window. i layed half out of the car and began waving my arms . a driver stopped and called 911. i got free of the car. and walked around to see the damage that had been done. Cold. Shaking Uncontrolably. i picked up a side mirror which had snapped off in the crash and threw it on the pavement. by now more people were on the scene. a volunteer firefigher sat me down in the back of his hatchback wagon and we waited for the ambulance for nearly an hour. because instead of dispactching one for liverpool. which was were i worked at the time and was much closed. they dispatched one from bridgewater which was a good 45 min away.


When the ambulance finally arived i was placed on a backboard and stretcher. it took a good 45 minutes to get to the hospital. i remember asking if the lights and sirens were on and was told that no they were not because i didn’t appear to be injured. the paramedic with me talked about how they were buying sunglasses when the call came in( which for some reason has also stuck in my head) . when we finally arrived at the hospital i spent nearly 2 hours having xrays done to verify there were no back or neck injurys ( which fortunatly there wasn’t) . i did however feel like i would begin glowing green. then i was placed still on the backboard on a hospital bed. the nurse came in and said that a Tanya( who was the friend i was picking up) had called and they wanted my permission to give out any info. i told them it was fine.


i also remember how uncomfortable the backboard was and how i wanted off. i was then let off the backboard once all the xrays came back negitive…


A Little While Later My Mother Came To The Hospital And Took Me Home. I remained In shock for a good day after the accident. i know this because my friends mother which i went to visit could tell i was in shock and flat out told me so. i went to my local convience store “mo’s” and heard on his radio of the accident.i told mo what had happened. i then proceeded to walk to bridgewater from my home in dayspring. and for those wondering why i wasn’t in bed after all this … quite frankly me and my father had gone at it. because he was convienced i had been speeding. which the police did an investigation into the accident, and they were unable to determine the cause. but it wasn’t driver error. or speeding. the cops then called the next day to get information for there report of the crash. and had me come in to do a written statement.


Thats Not All…


Every Night For 6 Months After The Crash I Would Relive It In A Dream. Every Night. You Know The Great Thing About Nightmares Is There Not Really. But This.. This Was Very Real. I Still To This day On The Aniversarry of The accident have the dream. a constant reminder of how valuable live is.


The day after the accident i place a picture of the car on the desk at work as a reminder of the experience. which most of my pictures are now missing. not really sure what happened to them.


For the first 8 years i was unable to work this day. but i guess with time things heal as the anniversary doesn’t bother me anymore