Long time no blog,

Hi everyone. 

A lot has happened since my latest blog.  So much so I’ll probably forget some things that happened…

But here’s the old college try….

After many months of extreme stomach pain and ER visits it stopped just as quickly as it began. My digestive system has somewhat returned to normal. I seen a nutritionist who disagrees with the IBS diagnosis,  says that something was missed during the year of tests. I’ve believed all this time it was an issue with bile being produced, which the nutritionist agreed with. Changed my diet to a bland diet with high protein (it was discovered I needed to up my protein in my diet) .

Almost immediately after my digestive system got better I started having a sharp pain in my temple.  After 10 ER visits in two weeks I was sent for a cat scan when my bloodwork had elevated levels of something.  Basically meant I had an inflammation.  I was placed on Prednisone and refered to a specialist.  The specialist diagosed me with terporal arthritis.  Which is something you don’t see in anyone but the elderly.

I continued taking the Prednisone for about a week. Still complaing of pain, still visiting the ER, because it was so bad I couldn’t sleep. To the point they said ” I don’t know what you want us to do” …

Only a few days after my last ER visit I was told by a Nurologist that it was likely a sensitive nerve ending im my head. Had a needle put in my head to deaden the nerve. The head aches stopped.

At this point I should mention that morning I woke up with a swolen face. They diagnosed me with a swolen sweat gland, gave me antibiotics.

With each passing day the swelling got worse. On day three I couldn’t open my mouth far enough to get a spoon full of ice cream in my mouth. I could barely talk my voice was raspy and it hurt to swallow .

I went to the ER.  A cat scan was done. I was told I needed to go to the other hospital urgently.  They paid for my cab.

When I got to the other hospital I was seen right away.  Told I needed to have emergency surgery that it was an absess tooth that was infected and the infection would only spread.

I was prepped for surgery,  during which time the surgeon explained I would not be sedated where my air way was obstructed.  He then explained that I would have a breathing tube inserted through my nose. He said ” Now, this is gonna hurt”… at which time I felt the worst pain on my life as he jammed this tube up my nose,  I could hear cartilage breaking… fortunately I blacked out.

I woke up in ICU on an assisted respirator with the breathing tube up my nose and down my throat. Tied down on the bed because they were scared I might try to remove the equipment in a panic.

It took awhile but I earned their trust and was given my arms back. I was given a clipoard and paper to write in so I could communicate with them since I couldn’t talk. 

The first night in ICU my air tube got plugged with blood at 1:38am, and I couldn’t breathe. They paged the person to clear the tube who got there in 30 seconds, after a few minutes they were able to clear it.  Luckily i was getting some oxygen as I manged to clear it a bit with my breathing. But it caused the first of many anxiety attacks that week in the hospital.

Even now weeks later it’s always replaying in my head. That feeling of helplessness.  I can’t shake it.

I should mention the hospital had no records of my medication so I was off my meds for two days. In those two days I had more then a dozen anxiety attacks. 

Though bloodwork they found the infection had spread to my blood.  I had a sonar done to see if it had reached my heart.  Luckily it hadn’t before they got me on the correct antibiotics.  I’ve now had 4 different antibiotics in the hospital. 

I was sent for my second surgery only a day after leaving ICU.  They found three other problematic teeth. Thus bringing the total teeth removed to five.

I had a stint put into my arm for IV antibiotics and collecting blood since I had so many holes in my arm you’d think I did needles. 

When I was released on day 7, I had a nurse setup to give me iv antibiotics at home.  Also taking oral antibiotics through the day.

After 7 days of that I’m now on one oral antibiotic for the next two weeks.

My jaw because of the swelling is tight. I can open it to fit one finger in my mouth. But they say it will take months to get the full movement back.  I’m on a soft foods diet for 6 weeks while everything heals.

I’m feeling better physically.  Just a little shaken up from the breathing tube issues.

That should bring you up to date…

Take care,  more blogs to come